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Information Technology


February 2, 2011

Kerr County has implemented IPv6, the next generation of addressing for the Internet. We have configured this in a way that is transparent to the viewer. If you have an IPv6 only device you can access our local government services via this site same as the old.

Why? Starting this year there will be devices that can only access the new Internet with IPv6. It is time. The old Internet has been stretched to the limit. The pool of IPv4 addresses that make up the Internet will be exhausted in 2011. The new mobile and fixed devices using only the 'new Internet' will have access to our services.

Read from the following links learn more about IPv6 and the 'new Internet.'
IPv6 Act Now
Wikipedia on IPv6
Countdown and IPv4 Exhaustion Counters List of IPv6 Sites

If you would like to connect to our IP6 only website please give a try. For the technical types; this URL has only an AAAA (quad A) record. It is pointing to the same server as the primary IPv4 URL. This site [] will display your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

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