Deputy Pamela Hicks has over 20 years in Law Enforcement, she holds an Advance Peace Officer, Master Jail Certificate, and Advance Telecommunication Licenses. Deputy Hicks is currently The Kerr County Crime Prevention Coordinator and has extensive training in Crime Prevention.

Deputy Hicks has received numerous awards for her efforts in Crime Prevention and has been recognition locally and nationally.  The awards were for her involvement in Crime Prevention such as: The Willie Tisdale Award from The Central Texas Crime Prevention Association., Crime Prevention Officer of the Year, and New Deputy of the Year during her prior employment with the Hays County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Team.  Deputy Hicks also received a special award from the National Sheriff’s Association for her active involvement in Crime Prevention and Special Programs.

Deputy Hicks encourages all citizens to help make their community safer by starting an active Neighborhood Watch Program.  If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Program please contact Deputy Hicks.

Neighborhood Watch Works with your Help!

Crime Prevention is the most basic of all security concepts. By using some of the tips provided here, you can make yourself, your home and your business safer. For any questions not answered here, contact the Deputy Pam Hicks, Kerr County Sheriff's Office at 830-896-1216.

You can also email her:

Residential Security Inspection

A home security inspection is a FREE service that is provided by the Kerr County Sheriff's Office through the Texas Department of Insurance.  

All inspections are conducted by Sheriff's Deputies who are  state certified crime prevention specialists. The criteria for the inspections are set forth by the Texas Insurance Code, Article 5.33A, Section 6(A)(1&2).

Upon completion of a home inspection, homeowners may qualify for an insurance premium discount anywhere from 5% to 20%.

Please call the Kerr County Sheriff's Office at 830-896-1216 ext. 212 for an appointment. This is a FREE service of the Kerr County Sheriff's Office.  

To pass the home physical security inspection, Texas requires the following:

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* Exterior wooden doors must be solid core doors at least 1 3/8 inch thick and secured by dead-bolt locks.  The bolts must penetrate a metal strike plate with a minimum bolt lock through of one inch.  If breakable glass is located within 40 inches of the lock, the lock must be key operated from both sides unless prohibited by life safety codes.

* Metal doors must be secured by dead-bolt locks as described above.

* Double doors must meet the specifications for exterior doors as described above.

* Double doors must meet the specifications for exterior doors as listed above with the inactive door secured by header and threshold bolts that penetrate metal strike plates. If the bolts are within 40 inches  of breakable glass, the bolts must be flush mounted against the door.

* Sliding glass doors must be secured by secondary locking devices to prevent prying and lifting.

* Dutch doors must have concealed flush mounted locking devices to interlock the upper and lower halves and must be secured by a deadbolt lock as described in the first section above.

* Garage doors must be equipped with key-operated locking devices or with electric garage door openers.

* Windows must be secured by auxiliary locking devices.  Auxiliary locking devices are screws, wooden dowels, pinning devices, and/or key operated locks.  In areas in which life safety codes permit, metal bars or grating mounted to prevent easy removal, may be substituted for auxiliary locking devices.  Jalousie or louvered windows meet the specifications only with metal grating mounted as stated above.  

To pass the home alarm security inspection, the property must be equipped with an electronic burglar alarm that meets the following requirements:

* All exterior openings must be contacted.

* The system must include interior and exterior sirens.

* All equipment must be approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and monitored by a UL approved central station.

* Sales, services, installations, and monitoring of the system must be done in compliance with the Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies Act (article 4413 (29bb), Vernon Civil Statutes.


The National Crime Prevention Council offers many of its publications online, either in Adobe PDF format or in text (HTML) version. You can also purchase all NCPC publications by calling 800-NCPC-911. Select a topic below to see which related publications are available online.





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