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 Public Records

Public Notices


Region 12 Notice and Nomination Form DEC 22

Public Notice - Kerr County Proposed Subddivision/MHRC Regulations

Kerr County -- Approved Subdivision/MHRC Regulations (Public Notice -- Publication Request)

Kerr County Texas: TIA Public Notice

Kerr County Texas: Public Notice

Subdivision And Manufactured Home Rental Community Regulations - Adopted 11/28/2022

Notice of Hearing of Economic Development Program

Notice of Public Meeting

Notice of Public Meeting Feb 12, 2022

2021 Census/Redistricting

2021 Redistricting Project Notice (English)

Aviso de Proyecto de Redistribucion de Distritos 2021 Espanol

Court Order 39047 Order Approving Redistricting of County's Commissioner, Justice of the Peace and Constable Precincts (11/3/21)

Public Notice 2021 Revised County Election Precinct Plan (English)

Aviso publico - Plan revisado del distrito electoral del condado de 2021 en espanol

Order Adopting Guidelines for Persons Submitting Specific Redistricting Proposals and Providing Comments

Order Adopting Criteria For Use in 2021 Redistricting Process

KerrCO CC JB PlanC Adopted BigMap Nov32021

KerrCO CC JB PlanC Adopted Nov032021 DetailedReport TA

KerrCO CC JB PlanC Adopted Nov032021 DetailedReport VAP

KerrCO CC JB PlanC Adopted Nov032021 SummaryReport TA

KerrCO CC JB PlanC Adopted Nov032021 SummaryReport VAP

KerrCounty CC JB PlanC Adopted 11032021 DistrictMaps

KerrCounty CC JB PlanC Adopted Nov032021 AllDistrictsMap

KerrCounty CC JB PlanC InsetCourthouse Adopted nov032021 AllDistrictsMap

KerrCounty CC JB PlanC InsetKerrville Adopted Nov032021 AllDistrictsMap

KerrCounty JP JB PlanC Adopted Nov032021 AllDistrictsMap

Notice of Public Meeting re Plan Approval (110321) English

Notice of Public Meeting re Plan Approval (110321) Spanish

Court Order 39096 - Order Adopting Election Precincts - Dec. 9, 2021

2022 Road Reconstruction Project Plans and Specs


Rabies Information

Rabies Cases

Rabies Cases for 2018
Rabies Cases for 2017
Rabies Cases for 2016

Outdoor burning

For questions concerning the burn ban in Kerr County contact your commissioner at 792-2215.
Click here for the precinct map
The burn ban hotline is
792-HEAT or 792-4328


State provisions of penal code 28.04, reckless damage or destruction, allow for a possible fine of up to $10,000 and/or confinement. Air quality regulations from the TCEQ specify the state wide rules for outdoor burning. The Kerr County Judge may cite the Texas Disaster Act of 1975 or HB2620 on outdoor burning as a basis for a 'burn ban' in the un-incorporated areas of the county. Kerr County specificlly cites local government code 352.081 , regulation of outdoor burning, as basis for its burn ban . Each Kerr County commissioner then specifies the status of burning for a particular precinct. All of these rules and laws may apply to those burning outdoors in Kerr County Texas.
Please burn Safely

Burn ban documents

Outdoor Burning Rules, Regulations, and Guidance from the Texas Forest Service.

Texas Administrative Code on Burning

Click here for the court order


Texas Fireworks Laws
Kerr County Fireworks Order- June 13, 2022

Mass Gathering Permit

Click here for the Permit

Tax Forclosure Sale

August 2, 2022

Requests for Proposals

Requests For Qualifications

Cover Letter,RFQ Information Sheet, and Sample Scope of Services for Kerr County's American Rescue Plan Act (ARP Act) RFQ for engineering services

Tax Abatement Policy

Order Adopting Tax Abatement Policy

Airport Strategic Plan

Kerrville-Kerr County Airport
Strategic Plan 2019 to 2023

2021 Ranchero Road Reconstruction Project

Contract Documents and Technical Specifications

Contract Documents and Technical Specifications Addendum #1 1/5/2021

Ranchero Road Ph-1 Plans and Specs PDF

Addendum #1 for the '2021 Ranchero Road Reconstruction Ph 1 Project 10/4/2021'

Bail Bond Board

Bail Bond Board Rules
Bail Bond Board Agenda

Kerr County Tax Rates

Click here for 2018
Click here for 2019
Click here for 2020
Click here for 2021
Click here for 2022

Truth in Taxation 2021 Tax Rates

Click here to view the 2021 Kerr County Texas Truth in Taxation Tax Rates

Kerr County Adopted Budgets

Click here to view the Kerr County Budgets

e-Statement Tax Bill Information

This agreement form must be filled out and returned to the Kerr County Tax office to ensure the electronic delivery of tax bills.
Click here for the e-Statment Agreement Form

Please fill in all the information, print it out, sign it and either mail it to:

Kerr County Tax Office
ATTN: e-Statement
700 Main St.
Ste 124
Kerrville, TX 78028

Or scan and email it to breeves@co.kerr.tx.us

CAUTION: If you have a mortgage company that pays your taxes DO NOT apply for this. It will cause the mortgage company not to receive their statement.

If you already have an e-Statement account,
Login Here to update your contact information.

If you no longer wish to receive your tax statements electronically, please email your Owner ID number and request to breeves@co.kerr.tx.us on or before September 15 of the year you no longer wish to receive them electronically.

Subdivision Rules & Regulations

Click here to download the full document.
and here for the Appendix
Revised December 4, 2012

Electronic Filing of Court Documents

Click here to download the full document in Microsoft Office Word format.
Click here to download the full document in Adobe PDF format.

Kerr County Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers has several ways to report tips.

On-line at https://www.kerrtips.com
Click here to submit a Crime Stopper Tip

Text Messaging instructions
Tips can be submitted using the P3tips application for smart devices

Phone Calls Call directly from your device
830-896-8477 Call Kerr County Crime Stoppers

Be Flood Aware

The Upper Guadalupe River Authority has produced a flood awareness video entitled "Be Flood Aware". Click the Link below to view the video.
"Be Flood Aware"

Click here For Information About the Video

Click here For UGRA's Official Press Release

Notice to Kerr County residents

Kerr County has implemented a new Emergency Notification system named CODE RED. If you would like to be notified of an emergency situation effecting your Kerr County business or residence you should sign up for this system. The information will only be used for emergency notification purposes. Questions should be directed to the Kerr County Sheriff's Office at (830)896-1216. Code Red Emergency Notification System Click here to update your information

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